Thursday 11 June 2015

Interview with Saurav on his time at ESSEC so far


I am Saurav Berlia. I did my Bachelors in Commerce from Calcutta University, India. Thereafter, I worked as a Business Development Manager for a leading tea manufacturing company in North-East India for a period of two years. While working, I decided to pursue my further studies. So, after taking into account all factors, I made up my mind to come to ESSEC Business School, France. It has been almost a year at ESSEC and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here. Also, I am part of a dynamic student association, MELT, at ESSEC. And currently, I am working as a Business Development Intern in a Paris based start-up. Apart from my studies, I am taking advantage of my stay here in France to travel Europe.


Studying in this leading business school in France, in a city that is Paris, has proved to be a great academic and cultural experience for me. ESSEC's flexible and personalized MSc in Management program or "Grande Ecole" as the French call it, allows me to design my own study plan every trimester. It lets me combine work and study as I wish, offering professional experiences such as internships and apprenticeships. Moreover, ESSEC is a breeding ground for aspiring entrepreneurs. It's entrepreneurial focus had all the more re-affirmed my decision to join ESSEC as I would like to see myself as an entrepreneur in the coming 3-5 years. Furthermore, studying in such a multi-cultural environment, has certainly broadened my cultural horizons and enhanced my inter-personal skills. Considering all I have mentioned until now, I would surely recommend joining ESSEC.


As I mentioned earlier, currently I am working as an Intern in a Paris based start up. The company's core work is performance enhancement of websites. And I am working as a Business Developer, strategizing and formulating a business plan for the company. This opportunity has been truly enriching in every aspect till now. I believe I have taken my first steps towards realizing my goal to become an entrepreneur. I received this opportunity through the ESSEC job portal, which posts a wide range of internship availabilities from all over the world with the help of its immense alumni network of over 40,000.

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