Thursday 19 February 2015

Entrepreneurship at ESSEC - Souhayl on the different options available to students

Entrepreneurship at ESSEC

The Entrepreneurship Track

Students interested in entrepreneurship can take courses in this area choosing the entrepreneurship track. It consists of a group of subjects related to entrepreneurship and students willing to create a start-up in the short or long term are highly encouraged to enroll in the subjects offered by this track. These subjects combine theoretical knowledge with real cases.

The Social Entrepreneurship Chair combines courses with workshops and conferences in order to give the students a deep knowledge about the social entrepreneurship world. This chair organizes a global competition every year, in collaboration with UC Berkeley, called the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC).

The CPi Program

The CPi Program is a multidisciplinary company project carried out by students from ESSEC, Centale Paris and Strate College. If you want to learn more about this program, you can read this article.

Student-led clubs

ESSEC Initiatives and ESSEC Entrepreneurship Club are the two clubs focused on entrepreneurship, consulting and the start-up industry.

"Create your company at 23 years old" - Jean-Fran├žois Gallouin

ESSEC Ventures is a lot of things at the same time: an incubator, a seed fund, a meeting point for entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. Its aim is to enhance entrepreneurship at school, and encourage students to give birth to startups. 

You will be pushed and encouraged in order to materialize the startup idea that you have. On top of that, ESSEC Ventures has a great training program and mentorship. Experts will advise you, guide you, and you will have the chance to learn from highly talented people from a wide range of fields.

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, you should take a look at ESSEC Ventures. It is a great platform to dive into the entrepreneurship world!

Several events such as networking events and conferences are organized by ESSEC Ventures. 

A great point of this structure is that students from all backgrounds and programs can participate: MSc in Management, Global BBA, MSc ESSEC-Centrale Entrepreneurs… This diversity encourage innovation and team work.