Friday 20 November 2015

NGUYEN Thi Bao Ngan shares her experience of 4 years at ESSEC

Interview by Yashas Gilganchi, 2nd year student from India

Life before ESSEC

After finishing my high school in Vietnam, I went on to complete two years of classes prépas in Versailles, determined to get into ESSEC. Although it was tough, it was worth it as I got what I aimed for.

Experience at ESSEC

As required for everyone who joins after classes prépas, I finished one year of Bachelor studies (PI) after which I joined the MSc programme. I studied Finance for the better half of my time completing an internship and apprenticeship with TOTAL. I also spent my time participating in two associations at ESSEC viz. RAID ESSEC and TUONGLAI ESSEC (Treasurer) where I met many interesting people and enjoyed my time at the many parties and events organised by my associations.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Studying at ESSEC in Singapore!

Four students recently back from Singapore shared with us their thoughts on studying at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus, living in this vibrant city and learning more about the region and themselves.

1. Why did you choose to do your Pre-MSc courses on the Singapore campus? 
by Tristan, ASTI, Pre-MSc & Core Track Class President 

It was an obvious choice for me! As I studied outside France for my bachelor’s, I wanted to discover a new country to begin my master’s. ESSEC Asia-Pacific was indeed suited for such purpose. While out of France, I still had the opportunity to benefit from ESSEC personalized education.
The Pre-MSc courses in Singapore follow a special schedule: for every five weeks of lecture, students have one week of holidays. Thus, I had the chance to visit neighbouring countries very easily because of Singapore’s central position in Southeast Asia.
I also wanted to be taught by an international faculty. In fact, our professors come from Asian countries, namely the Philippines, India, China, etc.; this enhances a lot class content. 
During my stay, I learned some Mandarin that I now use to break the ice with Chinese students at ESSEC or with locals in Singapore.