Wednesday 14 May 2014

Student Association # 2: Noir sur Blanc

By Rohit Bhalla and Alice Camporesi, 1st year MSc in Management students, India and Italy respectively

Noir Sur Blanc

Shruti Tyagi

What is the name of your association and what does it do?

I am a part of Noir sur Blanc, the photography association. We are a bunch of enthusiastic photographers who constantly seek to learn a lot from each other. Apart from organizing photo contests and photography lessons, we cover various events at ESSEC!
Describe briefly your experience within your association.

Marvellous! Needless to say, the association is very welcoming towards international students and has a very versatile atmosphere. As a new recruit, I was constantly encouraged to take up new tasks and within a few meetings I could feel the true sense of belonging.
And yes, the association weekends are amazingly fun!

Would you advise people be part of it?

Undoubtedly. If one is passionate about the unique art of photography and wants to explore it, enjoy it and dedicate a part of busy ESSEC life to it, Noir sur Blanc is the perfect platform.

You can find more information on the Noir sur Blanc ESSEC student club at: 

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