Monday 5 May 2014

Student Association #1: MELT

By Alice Camporesi, 1st year MSc in Management student, Italy


Interview with 
Pushkar Raghav

What is the name of your association and what does it do?

I am in MELT. The motto of Melt is to bridge the gap between the French students and the international students (both full-time and exchange students) and hence ensuring the complete integration of the international students with our school.

Describe briefly your experience within your association.

I was recruited a month ago, and I had genial experience during my interview as the recruiters were very amiable and understanding and encouraged me to reply in French although I only managed to speak in Franglais (as I am not good in French). For me it provides great opportunities to mingle with ESSEC students and know their culture. We just held International Day which is an event to promote cultures of many countries and a special booth on Brazil. 

Would you advise people be part of it?

Although it might sound funny (because we are an association for international students) but it’s an excellent opportunity to improve your French because we interact amongst ourselves in French since most members are French. The more obvious advantage is getting the opportunity to meet various international students with diverse backgrounds and be of service to them. So I would definitely encourage other students to be a part of it.  

Photos from International Day, 29th April, ESSEC Cergy campus

You can find more information on MELT ESSEC on their dedicated Facebook page. 

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