Wednesday 22 June 2016

Flat-Hunting in Singapore 2: Student Testimonials!

Student Ambassador Lucia Casagranda, currently in Singapore, has asked a few students to share their personal experience on renting an apartment in Singapore. In the previous post, Lucia explained what common obstacles you can expect and how to overcome them when searching for living space. In this second post, students tell you all about their personal situation. Are you coming to Singapore...? Then read on!

“I live at Chinese Garden and I share a flat in a condo with other 4 people, each pays 615€. The district is pleasant enough since there is a big garden next door, but I believe it is quite far from the city center. So every time you want to do something, you have to plan in advance and really need to take the commuting time into account. I'm in Parc Oasis, it's 3 minutes to Chinese Garden MRT.”
Parc Oasis, Chinese Garden         
Parc Oasis, Chinese Garden

“I really enjoyed living in Holland Village: this charming neighborhood is very calm but the area around the net station is filled with bars, coffee shops and an incredible number of restaurants which makes it so lively at night! It took me 20 minutes to go to Essec and 15 minutes to reach Botanic Gardens for a jog or a walk. I am staying in Fairlodge apartments, where many locals live. My flat is huge, with 2 master bedrooms, one junior master and one common room."

Fairlodge apartments

Holland Village is a very lively area of Singapore


“I live in Queens condo, strategically located one minute from Queenstown MRT (2 stops from ESSEC, and 15 mins to downtown). The rent here is quite expensive but I can say that the money are worth: the swimming pool and the gym are amazing, the facilities and common areas are always clean, the security is always present and happy to help you. Our flat is on the 18th floor and is very big and airy. The condo is close to 2 supermarkets, IKEA, restaurants and much more.”


“I live in Emerald Park condo near Tiong Bahru MRT station. First of all, Tiong Bahru is a bit expensive because its a very nice neighbourhood. There are lot of hawker centres close by if you are open to Chinese food. Moreover, it is just 4 stops away from  ESSEC (8 minutes). It takes around 30-35 mins in total to reach. It is also near to Raffles Place and Little India. I’d recommend the area!”

Lucia: many, many, many ESSEC students decide to live in Simsville condo, at Paya Lebar. It’s very far from ESSEC (40 minutes by MRT + 10 walking), but it’s traditionally the condo where most of the French ESSEC students stayed over the last years.

- Victor 
“I live in Simsville condo, 5 minutes away from Paya Lebar MRT and 40 from ESSEC. It  is a very nice place to live in. All the advantages of living in a Condo (Fitness Room, pool, tennis courts) and a very nice Mall with a foodcourt right down the MRT. Affordable accommodation + lively neighbourhood = what else ?”
– Paul
“I am staying at Simsville – So i'm in Paya Lebar. I think that living closer to the campus is a better idea. But other than that, we have good facilities and are conveniently located close to the airport, so good for those who like to travel. More residential, But geylang is pretty close. So yeah you can get downtown in 20mn and to the airport in 30mn. But going to essec is a pain” 

- Capucine
"I have been living at Paya Lebar, Simsville Condo, for 5 months now, and I still enjoy each time I come back from ESSEC, and I pass through the secured doors, greet the guardian, walk inside the condo with its strange towers that have become so familiar, turn in front of the cutest swimming pool ever, and get to my apartment on the 7th floor. Simsville condo is not the closest place to ESSEC, but because there are many ESSEC here, and because there is a kind of solidarity spirit that has developed, it is a place where you definitely feel at home." 


●You cannot change the duration of the lease once you have signed: 
Contrary to the French regulation, in Singapore there is no such thing as a leave notice 
Therefore, make sure you sign up for the right duration.

●If you leave earlier than expected:
You will not be able to shorten the contract 
No daily rate for the remaining days

●If you want to extend, advise your agent at least one month in advance.
●Payment of monthly rental: If you pay your rental by transfer from France or Europe, arrange it a few days before the due date to avoid any late penalty fees.
●Aircon Servicing (= cleaning and maintenance of aircon by a professional) is compulsory every three months and at the tenant’s expense. Keep the receipt!

Now you are definitely ready to tackle the flat-hunting process: start your search, and good luck

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