Tuesday 5 May 2015

Samarpit, 1st year student from India, on coming to France, being part of a student club, and his time at ESSEC so far

Tell us about yourself
My name is Samarpit Arya. I did my Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering and then worked with Accenture for 1.5 years. While working, I decided to pursue my Masters in Management and then started looking for good programs all across the globe. My search brought me to France; so, it has been 5 months that I am here at ESSEC and I am really enjoying the experience. In addition to studying management, I am learning the French way of life and getting used to the French gastronomy.

Which student club are you part of and what does it do? 
I am the secretary of the ESSEC India association. It is responsible for increasing the footprints of ESSEC in India and for giving the taste of Indian culture to the ESSEC Community. Recently we conducted an event called “Diwali Night” (Diwali is the festival of lights and is one of the biggest festivals of India). It was an evening full of cultural events and a lot of Indian food. I was really happy to see more than 100 people attending the event and learning about the Indian culture, enjoying traditional Indian dances and music.

Would you recommend other students to join associations?
I would surely recommend other students to join the associations. It is an amazing way to explore a lot of extracurricular activities ESSEC can offer. Moreover, is a very good way to interact with the French and international students, make new friends and add a quite impressive line in your CV.

How do you find your experience at ESSEC?
I am really enjoying this experience. I came for an international experience in France and this is exactly what I am getting. The classes and the professors are really insightful and the group work gives you a lot of opportunities to rub shoulders with students from different nationalities. This kind of practical experience allows a person to have the multicultural sensitivity needed for today’s work environment. Moreover, the opportunities at ESSEC are immense and joining ESSEC will definitely turn out to be a very good decision for my professional career.

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