Wednesday 25 June 2014

Student Interview # 6 - Mowei Li

By Fatima-Ezzahra EL GUEROUANI1st year MSc in Management student, Morocco

Interview with Mowei Li, 1st year MSc in Management student from China, currently undertaking an internship at Sanofi.

Why did you choose ESSEC ?

During my Bachelor’s degree, I had the plan to come to France with my best friend. We went to l’Alliance Francaise to study French. But after one year we realized that we needed more resources than we initially planned. I decided to postpone the plan. In my fourth year of college, I had the chance to continue my Master’s studies in my college without examination. Still I chose to work first. I wanted to involve myself into professional domain where I get to analyze my own strengths and interests.

After three years’ of working, I decided to pursue the Master’s degree. In my previous job, I have worked with French interns coming from Grande Ecole and I found them intelligent and competent. Combined with my previous plan during my Bachelor’s studies, I decided to apply for the Grande Ecole program in France.

In addition to ESSEC’s high reputation, the Chair of Therapeutic Innovation really caught my attention and was one of the most important reasons why I chose ESSEC. The other consideration I had when I decided to go to ESSEC was the flexibility of the curriculum. As a student who had worked for some time before, I think it is really essential to be in charge of planning the work-study balance. We already know what we are lacking, what we want and how we prioritize tasks. Flexibility and freedom, on some level, shows the confidence ESSEC has in itself and in its students. I like this concept and I like taking control of my own life.

On top of those, the strong network of ESSEC alumni, the positive image enterprises hold towards ESSEC students and the excellent scholarship offered by ESSEC, finally made me determined in my decision.

What did ESSEC provide to you?

As I said, flexibility and freedom, I think they are the most appreciated elements during my stay at ESSEC. Coming along with this flexibility, I decided my own path and planned my courses to take for the next one year. I enrolled in the Chair of Therapeutic Innovation as planned and started my career in the health care industry.

I got to choose my own tutor who I am really grateful for – we discussed my plans for the future, my considerations of my own strengths and preferences, his recommendations not only on my plans but also on materials / events I could benefit from.

Apart from the serious part of student life, ESSEC also offers great entertainment events – our BDA, BDS and other clubs offer countless events you can take part in, where you get to relax and meet interesting people.

What’s your plan for the future?

I’m now doing my internship at Sanofi, until now I enjoyed it very much. As I have worked in several positions before and enjoyed most, it’s still early to decide where I would like to end up, which position or which company, but I am 100% sure that I’ll stay in the health care industry. I want to know more about this industry, as well as my own positioning in this area.

How has your life changed?

Well I started to travel a lot. I moved to Paris the second week I started my internship. I guess the biggest change is that I stopped cooking a lot. I have lunch in the company canteen and fruits or salad for dinner. At the weekend, instead of working on case studies or preparing for presentations, I get to go out with friends. But what I like the most is that, I feel more motivated and more sure of my future. To be more specific, I like being appreciated and accountable at work, which makes me motivated and confident, gives me strengths to pursue more knowledge and courage to plan an ambitious future.

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