Wednesday 28 May 2014

Student Interview # 4: Serge Imasdounian

By Rita Sisto, 1st year MSc in Management student, Lebanon

Name: Serge Imasdounian
Age: 23
Nationality/Country of origin: Lebanon
Previous Diploma: BE Mechanical Engineering

Hello, my name is Serge Imasdounian. I graduated in June 2013 from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. While studying for my degree, I was also active in numerous associations that focus on sustainable development. My team and I have organized diverse social activities varying from large-scale food campaigns to reforestation projects and community work. This experience has always kept a balance between my academic development and my ability to interact with the people I am working with.

Why did you choose ESSEC? Why did you choose the MSc in Management program?
Given my bachelor degree most of the work experiences I had so far were in the engineering technical field. In the last year of my curriculum, my interests have shifted towards finance and I was looking for a degree that would enable me to make this shift. I chose the MSc in Management program because it adds to my analytical knowledge, and gives me access to the necessary financial knowhow that would qualify me to work in this field. For me, studying in an environment that has generated top executives in the finance sector was a crucial factor. Being a member of the ESSEC community gives me access to a network of alumni who have well positioned themselves in multinational firms.
What are your plans for the future?
I am currently looking for an internship in Private Banking, as it is a sector that balances profound knowledge in financial markets with exceptional interpersonal skills.
What do you like most about ESSEC?
Personalization – ESSEC offers its students the ability to customize the MSc degree to their own interests. This represents a unique privilege for students who wish to follow a particular track, as they will be able to handpick the courses which are of their interest without any administrative restrictions. In parallel, the program is also a melting pot for students from all over the world. I have met students coming from Germany, Italy, India and China, and while I discovered their cultures, I have learned to see things from different perspectives.
Why would you encourage prospective students to apply?
Well, in addition to what I have mentioned before, I think the diverse international opportunities ESSEC offers to its students makes the program richer. Whether its international exchanges or programs in ESSEC Singapore, students have the chance to tailor their degree by enhancing it with the advantages of unique international experiences. 

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